I am a writer and have published widely in magazines and newspapers. I mainly write about spirituality, travel, health and environmental issues. Some of the magazines I have written for include Yoga Magazine, Mosaic Magazine, Pagan Dawn, Goddess Alive!, Goddess Pages and The Leamington Spa Times. I also keep a blog called ‘Travelling Priestess’ about my travels around the world which you can find here, and as well as a blog on yogic thoughts called Nachiketa’s Quest.

In 2006, I published a booklet called ‘Sacred Goddess Sites in Sicily – a pilgrimage’, which is currently sold out, but I am looking at reprinting it shortly. The booklet contains 28 pages with colour photographs and describes a pilgrimage I made to Goddess sites of my ancestral island of Sicily in May 2006.

My first full-length book called ‘Meeting Shiva – Falling and Rising in Love in the Indian Himalayas’ was published in August 2013 by Changemakers Books. This book contains the story of my stay in the Himalayas where I experienced a transcendental, life-changing love affair. Here is a short synposis:

Meeting Shiva is a spiritual memoir. Tiziana, a single woman in her mid-thirties, is at the end of an adventurous overland trip through the Himalayas, which she embarked on to search for her tantric soul mate. When the soul mate hasn’t materialized after eight months of wandering through Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan and India, she decides to go home. Before her departure, she sets out on a final mountain trip to leave India on a high. It is here that she suddenly meets Rudra, the man she has been waiting for all her life. But there is a catch: Rudra is a sannyasi, a celibate Hindu monk who lives in an austere ashram in the remote Himalayas. The two get drawn into an intense, romantic relationship that soon spirals out of control. Behind closed doors, in Rudra’s secret room, Tiziana finds out some uncomfortable truths: about Rudra, about religious institutions, about renunciation, and ultimately, about herself. She is drawn into a past long forgotten that ultimately lead her through pain and misery to healing and transformation.

You can read the first few pages of the book  and order it on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. You can also watch a short YouTube video in which I talk about the book here.

Here is what other writers have said about the book:


  • Meeting Shiva is the true story of a romantic collision between a Himalayan monk under a vow of celibacy and a Western woman seeking her own spiritual truth. Elegant in its simplicity, deceptive in its depth, the book is an expedition into the realms of romantic entanglement, exploring the differences between love and lovers, sensuality and sex, reason and illusion, desire and glory. Set against a backdrop of gods and ashrams, deities and icons, temples and altars – the wild religiosities that shape India – Meeting Shiva is an encounter with raw honesty and rare openness, an insider’s story of self reflection, identity and longing told by a Western voice interlaced with the wonder of the initiate. A journey of embarkation, return, release and, finally, resolution, author Tiziana Stupia’s exploration of the truth of her existence is a seductive invitation to other women to uncover the truth of their own. ~ Stephanie Dale, author of My Pilgrim’s Heart
  • This is an extraordinary book by an extraordinary woman. ‘Meeting Shiva’ is about the author’s search across the Himalayas, an adventurous search for love and herself. The search took her into the arms and bed of a sworn ascetic monk and beyond, into the dark spaces of her soul. What she discovered is incredibly revealing for anyone on a similar quest. She ripped the covers off of romantic love, and looked at the can of worms underneath it. Highly recommended. ~ Tony Crisp, author of ‘Dream Dictionary’, ‘Liberating the Body’ and ‘Relax with Yoga’
  • Meeting Shiva’ is like an outer journey that leads you to your inner self, your inner power and your true source. From the very first moments of reading, Tiziana’s words have touched my heart and soul deeply – I felt the truth and love flowing through them. Her story is meaningful for all of us, regardless of which path we are on. Through her journey through India, it is easy to understand that we are being led and can trust that we are at the right place at the right time and that all will turn out for our highest good. Written with humor and vivid style, I truly felt that I was travelling with her. Most of all, Tiziana encourages the reader to go into her or his own journey – regardless of in which country the opening of the heart and the reconnection to our true source are to take place. This book is able to touch the heart of the reader. Simply wonder-full! ~ Katja Sundermeier, author of ‘Simply Love’ and ‘Relationship License’
  • Immediately engaging, fast-paced, exquisitely written: Tiziana takes us into the essence of love which surprises the ego with much more than it knows. The result is a story that can only come from life—and grace…makes Fifty Shades of Grey look like Madame Tussaud’s by comparison… ~ Jay Ramsay, author of Crucible of Love—the alchemy of passionate relationships
  • What happens when a 21st-century woman goes out into the world looking for her soul mate? Seeking and finding a spiritual man to seduce and fall in love with, only to find he has mighty feet of clay, as does she, and that she has inadvertently plunged herself into the web of her own shadow projections. This is Tiziana’s true story. Its a great read and eventually after much emotional delving, leads to the healing of childhood and karmic wounds. ~ Kathy Jones, author of ‘Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess’ and ‘The Ancient British Goddess’
  • Tiziana invites us to join her on her outer and inner journeys of discovery. The sounds, smells, sights and characters of India rise vibrantly out of the pages. More significantly she shows us the healing power and potential of relationship when the erotic and spiritual come together. I was captivated and curious from the first paragraph. ~ Sophie Slade, Imago Relationship Therapist, Workshop Presenter and Clinical Instructor

More reviews can be found on the publisher’s website here.

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