Ceremonies & Rituals

Rituals and ceremonies are a wonderful way to mark important events and rites of passage in your life. They can be performed for any occasion and in any setting. Prior to the ceremony, I will meet with you to discuss your needs, and design the ceremony accordingly.

As a trained Priestess and Celebrant with over ten years of experience, I offer personalized ceremonies and rituals of all kinds, including:

• Marriage and Commitment (Handfasting) ceremonies

• Baby Naming Ceremonies

• Funerals

• Menarche and Rite of Passage Ceremonies

• Letting Go Rituals

• Fire Ceremonies (see separate section on Vedic Fire Ceremonies)

• Renewal of Vows

• Seasonal Rituals for Equinoxes, Solstices, etc.

I also teach ritual, both privately and in workshop settings. Please contact me for further information.

To find out more about my background in ritual, please see ‘About Tiziana’.